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A very warm welcome to the new home of Trident Systems! We supply a full range of Gas Fires and Fireplaces to the UK

The best place for well-engineered gas fires and electric fireplaces in the UK!

We are a leading Internet specialist based in the UK, supplying gas fires and fireplaces to homes in the UK. You will not find the same fireplace cheaper anywhere else in the UK.

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Check out the categories on the left to select from our extensive range of own brand and branded gas fires and fireplaces. Beware of very cheap Internet sites with lower standard prices and no inclusive delivery.

This is where you will find many of the UK's most versatile, multi-purpose and downright beautiful gas fires for the home.

Fires that put you in control. Fires that have an extraordinarily realistic coal, log or even pebble effect. And fan-assisted fires that you can position almost anywhere in your home…. even if its nowhere near a chimney!

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We manufacture over 90 different styles of fireplace. If you can't find what you are looking for on our web site, please enquire

Build your own fireplace? We have added the facility for you to print our fireplaces detail pages on a clear background -

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